European scientific events


Organization of 3th Congress of the Balkan Society of Dentistry

We won by competition and organized in Romania, three times, at only 7 years, the Congress of the Balkan Dental Society BaSS (16th Edition, 2011, 20th Edition, 2015 – Jubilee Edition) – this being the most prestigious scientific manifestation in the Balkan academic area with dental specialty. In 2011, the event brought together approximately. 500 participants from 20 countries, reaching a record number of approx. 1000 participants from 20 countries, and in 2018 approximately 700 people from 22 countries participated.

The 41st Edition of the Annual Conference of the European Society of Prosthetics – Bucharest, Romania

This is the first time this event will be held in Romania. Our country has the privilege to organize this congress following a competition attended by Greece, Spain and the Netherlands, a determinant factor being represented by Romania in the EPA Board through Prof. Univ. Dr. Norina Forna (President of the Association). The event was organized between 28-30 September 2018 in Bucharest, Romania

First Romanian-African Summit

During this Summit, a partnership between the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society and the ARO section of the FDI was concluded with the main objectives

  • Creating a global framework at international level for the sustainable development of dental medical education in the Francophone Area and training of top specialists.
  • The signatory institutions of this collaboration protocol understand, through substantiation, the principles of teaching, research and cooperation to the current principles of dental practice.



First Conference of the Francophone Deans of the Faculty of Dentistry

In October 2012, we organized for the first time the First Conference of the Francophone Deans of the Faculty of Dentistry and the French National Academy of Dental-Alveolar Surgery, with the theme “Contemporary Management for a Higher Education and Curricular Harmonization of the Faculty of Dental Medicine” Romania and the Francofon Area “, a brand-new event that has attracted the interest of all participants.


First International Congress of General Rehabilitation and Oro-Maxillo-Facial

In May 2015, we inaugurated a new line of international scientific events, through the organization of the First International Congress of General Rehabilitation and Oro-Maxillo-facial, in Extraordinary Edition, in Istanbul.

The participation in this congress was largely represented by foreign specialists, which marked another national premiere: the only one, or among the few, series of congresses with the Romanian Organizing Board, but addressed to the participants throughout the European space and with location outside Romania.