National and European Projects

Project director:

  • Grant CNCSIS “Alternative plastic epithelium intervention in the maxillo-facial area (period: 2006 – 2008)
    Project Manager for UMF “Gr.T.Popa” -Iasi:
  • Grant UMF “Gr.T.Popa” – Iasi, “Virtual and augmented reality technologies used in simulation of teeth preparation in fixed prosthesis”, acronym: VIRDENT, Contract no: 12083/2008
    Grant CEEX funded “Integrated Scientific Network for the Development of Knowledge-Based Multifunctional Polymer Materials” (year of approval: 2005)
    Project coordinator:
  • TD 284. “Predictive and Regulatory Elements of Morphological and Functional Dynamics of Mucosal Bone Support in Edged Patients”, Project Manager: Dr. Roxana Vasluianu, Period: 01.06.2008 – 30.11.2009

Team member:

  • Partnerships in Priority Areas, Competition 2/2008, “National Partnership on Oral Health on Prevention of Tobacco Use and Smoking Abandon, Premises of Integration of Research in Romania into the European Operating Space”, SANFACTOR (2008-2011)
  • Grant CEEX-funded “Automatic Paraclinic Diagnostic System in Stomatological Dysfunctional Syndrome” (approval year: 2006)
  • CNCSIS Grant “Experimental Laboratory and Clinical Investigations on the Intrusion and Medical Use of Bioactive Implants” (No. 61 of 2006)
  • Grant CNCSIS “Re-evaluation of the longevity of modern corono-radicular reconstructions by testing the resistance to thermo-mechanical fatigue in artificial oral environment”, (approved in 2006)

Contract-based research:

  • Collaboration contract with Petru Poni Institute (2002-2006) on “Improving and diversifying the structure of biomaterials for use in dentistry and gnatoprotective”, “Research on silicone behavior”.
  • Responsible for Research Contract no. 332 / 1992-1994 between MINESA Institute of Mines Research and Design (Cluj-Napoca), represented by Dir. Ionel Sarachie Foundation and “Apollonia” Foundation Iasi, represented by Professor V. Burlui, President, on “Research on the behavior of hydroxylapatite granules produced by ICPM Cluj-Napoca in case they are used as implants for treating bone defects oral-maxillofacial “
  • Research on physicochemical and biological properties of Fe Hydroxilapatite granules | produced by ICPM Cluj – Napoca;
  • Research on the use of hydroxylapatite granules in various clinical situations;
    In vitro and in vivo biological study on experimental animals (according to ISO) of hydroxylapatite formation bodies and experimental studies on the clinical use of hydroxylapatite formation bodies “;
  • Participation in the contract with A.S.M .: “Research on etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of dental stomach system dysfunctions” (1991-1995);
  • Achievement of an original concept, conforming to ISO standards, to test the physical properties of dental cements and metal alloys (1990);
  • Testing and participation in making the determinations included in the research contracts of the discipline, with the Technical Physics Center Iaşi (1989, 1990) – contract no. 1354/1989: “Contributions to an Alloy for Dental Use”
  • Participation in the research under the contract 1114 / 27.II.1989, with the Institute for
  • Research and Technological Design of Fine Glass and Ceramics Cluj – Napoca: “Clinical – technological and biocompatibility research on dental ceramics and additional tools”;


Over 15 million Euro administrated and over 6500 involved students

  • Project Manager “Practical Training Strategies for the Quick Integration of Students in Dentistry on the Labor Market”
    Nr. contract: POSDRU / 90 / 2.1 / S / 63942,
    Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013
    Priority Axis 2 “Correlation of Lifelong Learning with the Labor Market”
    Key area of ​​intervention 2.1 “Transition from school to active life”
    Value: 4 million Euro
    Project Manager “Adaptation of Superior Dental Education Supply to Labor Market and Society-Based Knowledge Needs”
    Nr. contract: POSDRU / 86 / 1.2 / S / 63699,
    Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013
    Priority Axis 1 “Education and training for growth and knowledge-based society”
    Major area of ​​intervention 1.2 “Quality in Higher Education”
    Value: 3 million Euro
  • Project Manager “Training center for specialists and resources in oral rehabilitation”
    Nr. contract: POSDRU / 87 / 1.3 / S / 62208,
    Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013
    Priority Axis 1 “Education and training in support of growth and development of the knowledge society”
    Key area of ​​intervention 1.3 “Human resources development in education and training”
    Number 87 “Professionals in Education and Training”
    Value: 3 million Euro
  • Project Manager “Professional counseling for medical students and integrated practice program in general and dental medicine”.
    Nr. contract: POSDRU / 160 / 2.1 / S / 139881
    Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013
    Priority Axis 2 “Linking lifelong learning to the labor market”
    Key area of ​​intervention 2.1 “Transition from school to active life”
    Value: 3.7 million Euro
  • Responsible for project activities “Qualification, re-qualification and employment on the labor market of persons with disabilities”
    Nr. contract: POSDRU / 165 / 6.2 / 142809
    Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013
    Priority Axis 6 “Promoting Social Inclusion”
    Key area of ​​intervention 6.2 “Improving the access and participation of vulnerable groups in the labor market”
  • Expert in the project “Improving Public Policies in Higher Education and Improving Quality of Regulations by Updating Quality Standards” QAFIN (SIPOCA / SMIS2014 + 16 Code)

The project is co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund, the Administrative Capacity Operational Program 2014-2020 and is implemented by the Ministry of National Education (MEN) – the External Finance Project Management Unit in partnership with ARACIS.

Duration of the project: for a period of 36 months (29.05.2017 – 28.05.2020).
Project budget: total eligible project value: 17,723,384.20 lei, out of which 2,838,601.52 lei, represents the contribution of the applicant supported by LIDER.
Expert in – Improvement of the evaluation methodology of higher education institutions for the purpose of classifying universities and hierarchy of study programs.